What Is the Difference Between a Smart Leash and a Regular Leash?

Dogs are a huge part of our family. They are the first to greet us when we return home and provide infinite kisses during the days when we need them the most. As much as we love our furry friends, common care such as walking your dog can be a nightmare for some dog owners. Everyone dreams of going on a family walk with man’s best friend, but unfortunately for many owners leash training has proven to be difficult and unenjoyable. Loyal Leash is giving dog owners the control they need to take their leash training to the next level with our smart leash technology. We are here to relieve the stress surrounding your dog’s walk, creating a more enjoyable outing for all involved — even your furry friend! Keep reading to learn more about the revolutionary smart leash training products from Loyal Leash and order yours today!

Common Dog Walking Problems

As many dog owners know, leash skills are not exactly genetically inherited. They are something that is instilled and taught through specific leash training for dogs. Without a leash-trained dog, many owners experience common dog walking problems including:

  • Leash Pulling
  • Leash Mouthing & Chewing
  • Leash Lunging, Barking, and Reacting

Each of these issues that occur due to poor leash skills affects the quality of the walk for both the owner and the dog. Loyal Leash is here to help! Read on to learn more!

Smart Leash Technology

Our smart leash technology pairs invisible fence technology with the standard dog leash, while incorporating our patented technology with leash tension monitoring to give dog owners a better training leash for dogs! Our smart leash detects unwanted tension from pulling, lunging, and reacting and sends a warning or corrective action to our smart collar, redirecting your pet from unwanted leash behavior. Unlike a traditional leash, there is no tugging or pulling on the leash which can injure your pet, and encourage the behavior.

Fast Training Results

Our training leash for dogs is revolutionary in its ability to achieve fast training results with our easy-to-use training instructions. You can use our smart leash in auto mode or manual mode to get the results that you desire. Our product trains your dog to respond to the corrective sound of the beep, resulting in less leash pulling and other unwanted leash behaviors. You have the option to use static correction as well if your dog requires it. Always use treats to reinforce positive behavior. Following our recommendations and training instructions, our smart leash technology can train your dog within minutes of implementation. Try it today!

Walk Your Dog Safely & Confidently

Loyal Leash’s smart leash technology eliminates unwanted tugging and pulling, creating a better-trained dog. Our leash allows children and even grandparents the ability and confidence they need to safely and securely walk your furry friend.

If you are looking for a better leash training tool, our smart leash technology is the most humane and effective way to leash train your dog. Approved by both trainers and veterinarians, our smart leash technology is changing the way you walk your dog. Order yours today or contact us to learn more about Loyal Leash’s smart leash technology!