How to Prevent Your Dog From Pulling On A Leash

One of the most common issues dog owners face is their dog pulling on the leash. While it may seem like a minor nuisance, it can actually be very dangerous for both you and your dog. Loyal Leash offers a no-pull automated dog training leash that will ensure your dog never pulls you again. Learn more about how to prevent your dog from pulling on a leash with our leash dog training collar, and order today!

Put On Our Smart-Leash Collar System

Put our smart collar on your dog and attach the leash. Our training leash for dogs uses invisible fence technology, along with our smart leash technology, to detect tension when the dog pulls.

Use Our Automated Warning System

Once the leash is attached, you’ll attach our controller. Here, you can choose the settings to automatically beep when the dog pulls or for you to manually control it.

Responds to the Beep

When your dog pulls, a beep will go off, which is a correction signal for your dog. This will train the dog to respond to the beep signal. There is an optional static correction that works with any size dog. The leash handle is designed for comfort.


Once your dog learns that when they pull, a beep occurs, your dog will learn to walk well-mannered at your side. Once this is accomplished, you can continue to use our lease monitoring system, or use your own.


You want to enjoy your walks with your dog, not be fighting them the entire time. With our leash dog training system, your dog will be walking easily by your side within minutes. You’ll love how easy this smart-teach collar system is. To get started, order our training leash for dogs online today!

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