Simple Tricks to Teach Your Dog Leash Manners

Walking on a leash is an important skill that all dogs need to know. Not only do proper leash skills make walks more enjoyable for both owner and dog alike, but it also helps keep your furry friend safe from other dangers such as busy traffic or eating toxic trash. Unfortunately, poor leash skills are hard to break and require specific training. At Loyal Leash, we are changing the traditional training leash for dogs with our smart leash technology. Our goal is to provide dog owners with the necessary tools to help their dogs gain critical leash manners. In today’s post, we are sharing a few simple tricks to make leash dog training easier. Keep reading to learn more and shop our smart leashes today!

Start In An Area With Minimal Distractions

One of the most important things to keep in mind when training a dog of any age is to start your training session in an area with minimal distractions, such as your backyard or a park at a non-busy time. Going to a dog park may seem like a good idea, but unfortunately, there are many distractions including reactive dogs that can set your training back.

Teach Your Dog Commands

Leash manners are an important part of your dog’s training. This is the perfect time to introduce valuable commands such as:

  • Come
  • Leave It
  • Walk With Me
  • Sit

These are all commands that can be used frequently throughout the walk to allow your dog to focus, while also learning safe behaviors that may one day save their life. For example, “leave it” can be used in multiple situations where you don’t want your dog to react, such as eating medication you have dropped.

Reward Positive Behavior

Always reward positive behavior with a high-value training treat so your furry friend learns what behaviors are acceptable. While it may be tempting to scold bad behavior, many dog trainers find this unproductive as any attention to the behavior can validate it. Instead, use a command to get the desired behavior and reward it with positive praise and treats.

Use Loyal Leash’s Smart Leash Technology

At Loyal Leash, we understand that leash training is difficult, which is why we have created our smart leash technology. Our smart leash technology pairs invisible fence technology with the standard dog leash, while incorporating our patented technology with leash tension monitoring to give dog owners a better training leash for dogs. Our smart leash detects unwanted pulling behavior and provides a warning or corrective action. Using our smart leash technology as part of your training can set your dog up for faster training results and better long-term leash manners.

Loyal Leash is dedicated to providing a better bond between dog and owner through a better walking experience. Our smart leash is both humane and effective at helping your dog achieve decided leash manners. Order yours today or contact us to learn more about Loyal Leash!

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