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Our Vision

We started this family business with the intention of sharing our solution to leash training and allow everyone to experience the joy of walking the family dog with complete confidence, control, and safety.
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About Us

Our story begins with the adoption of our rescue dog Starsky and our inability to leash train him. We found it impossible to harness his endless energy and his inquisitive pursuit of every smell along his path. We searched the market several years for dog walking solutions, only to find painful alternatives and ineffective products such as complicated, gimmicky harnesses. All we wanted was the care free family walk that we envisioned when adopting him. We soon discovered that no matter how hard we tried and what product we used, the results were always the same, more tugging and more pulling.

We soon found ourselves leaving him behind more and more as it was just too difficult and frustrating to include him in our family activities. But this was not the solution we were willing to live with. So with an engineering background we set out to create our own solution. We started researching dog behaviors and tendencies to understand why dogs pulled, then partnered with Petco, the world's leading pet supplier and pet experts to create a solution that was more effective than anything on the market.
To our surprise our prototype was even more effective than we thought possible. After years of tugging and pulling, Starsky stopped pulling within 10 minutes of our first test. The combination of our tension monitoring system and the invisible fence collar technology produced a result that will set a new standard in leash training. We then took it one step further to consult trainers and veterinarians to boost the current e-collar capability with our smart-teach technology that trains your dog to react to the warning system and not be dependent on the correction signals.

Now Starsky reacts immediately to the "Beep" signal by pausing and waiting for our command. We then hit the market for more testing and feedback of Loyal Leash with astounding results. Dogs and families everywhere had the same immediate results that we experienced. With our patent in hand we hit the market to share our discovery and deliver the most successful product with the highest effective rate on the market. People all over will now skip the endless training videos, pass on the painful choke and pinch collars, save loads of money on professional training that takes weeks to complete, and finally have a real, effective training solution.

We can't be happier knowing that Loyal Leash can help so many families finally experience the true joys and pleasures we now experience when we walk Starsky. Before Loyal Leash, things like festivals and markets, concerts in the park, public walks and hiking were far too frustrating and impossible. Now Starsky joins us everywhere dogs are allowed to go and we're overjoyed to share this with all dog families.

Delivering Joy

Let us help relieve the stress of dog walking and bring the joy to all members of the family young and old with our safe, effective, automated Loyal Leash. Every year, the number of dog owners increase, that means the number of owners that experience the same issues when walking their dog increases as well.

This is especially true in urban areas with limited green space which require multiple walks each day. Many pet owners are too frustrated and may eventually surrender or abandon their dogs. Sadly, not all dogs are surrendered to no-kill shelters and thousands of dogs are lost each year just because they are too excited and rambunctious to control on daily walks.

We set out to end this problem by delivering a training system that allows even the most inexperienced and impatient dog owner the opportunity to train their dog within minutes.

Join us as we set out to change the way you walk your dog, one "pause" at a time.

Please contact us with questions or concerns.

Joe, Lisa, & Starsky
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Real Solutions

Our Patented design of automated tension control allows you to train your dog within minutes and rewards you with the ability to walk your dog in any environment from public events and busy urban areas to walks in public parks, beaches, or hiking trails.
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