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"Walks are now a struggle free joy"

I just recently received my Loyal Leash and we love it!! The training video on the website along with the detailed step by step instructions made it super easy to assemble and use the leash. Almost Immediately our dog was able to correlate the "beep" of the collar with our desire for him to stop pulling. Walks are now a struggle free joy!!
Brian Heidorn

"Even Better Than I Expected"

We have 2 huskies — both over the age of 5-years-old and have had nothing but problems training them to settle down. After using Loyal Leash with them for about 6 weeks, they were different dogs. If we’d used these leashes years ago, it would have saved us from purchasing new carpet and furniture.
Jacob Piercy

"The market needs this leash"

I am a professional dog trainer & owner of Citizen Hound, a full service dog care facility in San Francisco. The market needs this leash! I love that the vibrate mode automatically plays the beep tone before the vibrate in short proximity to each other. It’s easy for dogs to learn. That’s smart dog training. Auto mode is the cat’s meow and the dog’s bark. I know of NO OTHER PRODUCT like this one.
David Levin

"Very happy I did"

I'm a first time puppy owner of a German Shephard that is growing rapidly. I was instructed to try choke collars, but wanted to give Loyal Leash a shot too. Very happy I did. The bluetooth link works very well. Coming out of the gate, I focussed on the audible and rewarded according to suggestions from the instructions. It worked great. My dog has been walking with me and the Loyal Leash for about 2 weeks and he's no longer "all over the place". I've even begun taking it to the next step with simple stay / down / sit commands. Combine the audible with the verbal command and it's worked like a charm. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Mark Gallamore

"I highly recommend Loyal Leash"

Very impressed with this product. First the construction of each component is very solid. The packaging for shipment was very solid. Very little chance of damage during shipment. The instructions and video are clear and easy to follow. My personal experience as I begin to train my dog has been outstanding. After only a session or two my Dalmatian is understanding what to do when she hears the beep from the collar. I am insuring that this step is solid before I hook up the leash. As many people are aware Dalmatians are a stubborn breed but this product gets past that. I am confident that I will not have to resort to the static shock at any point. It is there if needed however. Finally I want to congratulate the folks behind Loyal Leash. They are there if needed. Their customer commitment and support is beyond outstanding. I highly recommend Loyal Leash and the folks behind it.
Douglas Maxwell

"Completely chnged my daily walks"

Completely changed my daily walk with my dog. I have a year old Boxer that was constantly pulling me around on our walks. Almost immediately the leash completely stopped her from pulling me and has made our walks much more relaxing.
Jason Lyons

"Even Better Than I Expected"

An amazing product that helped my dog learn how to walk properly on a leash! For five years we struggled and in 2-3 walking sessions with the Loyal Leash she walked perfectly! No more chasing/barking at cars, dogs or squirrels - she has more confidence and less anxiety on her daily walks. Thank you Loyal Leash!!!
Robyn Roman

"Even Better Than I Expected"

Great item my dog now knows we are walking and no longer being pulled around the block once I got the treats program down
Carl Stadtmiller

"Even Better Than I Expected"

I obtained my leash and am well pleased with it. It took me awhile to get adapted to it but once I learned what I was supposed to do other than push buttons things got a lot better. I have a large lab pup and we all know they are wanting their way not yours. Once I got the system down with the treats I’ll call them bribes everything fell into place. Now when we go out he knows the system and is a joy to have on a leash. This item is AAA in my book
Dustin Howertin

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