Includes all in one durable rope style leash, ergonomic control handle, and smart-teach collar system. Plus a poop bag dispenser

Adjustable leash tension threshold setting (Low-Med-High) adapts to any size dog, Automated warning system – automatically sends Beep and Vibration warnings, Smart-Teach collar – Designed to train dogs to respond to Beep signals.

Let us help relieve the stress of dog walking by eliminating tugging and pulling and delivering joy to all members of the family young and old with our safe, effective, automated Loyal Leash. Every year, the number of dog owners increase, that means the number of owners that experience the same tugging issues when walking their dog increases as well.

This is especially true in urban areas with limited green space which require multiple walks each day. Many pet owners are too frustrated and may eventually surrender or abandon their dogs. Sadly, not all dogs are surrendered to no-kill shelters and thousands of dogs are lost each year just because they are too excited and rambunctious to control on daily walks.

We set out to end this problem by delivering the most effective training system on the market. Loyal Leash allows even the most inexperienced and impatient dog owner the opportunity to train their dog within minutes.

Join us as we set out to change the way you walk your dog, one “pause” at a time.

30-day money back guarantee!

  • Leash tension monitoring system – detects any tugging or pulling
  • Automated warning system – Automatically sends Beep and Vibration warnings
  • Automated correction system – Automatically sends static correction signal
  • Smart-Teach collar – Designed to train dogs to respond to Beep signals
  • Optional static correction – On/Off options
  • Adjustable static correction adapts to any size dog
  • Manual Mode for total user control
  • Auto Mode allows Loyal Leash to monitor and correct dog
  • Ergonomic leash control handle designed for comfort and style
  • Our collar can be used with a harness
  • Leash-less option available
  • Versatile training options – not just for your walks, helps with house training as well!



  1. Busy mom

    We couldn’t have a relaxing family walk bc our dog pulled and tugged so much. Our walks with the dog were always too frustrating so we just started leaving him at home. That all changed with Loyal Leash!!! After only ONE walk he now walks with no pulling and tugging! Our family walks are so enjoyable and best of all he gets to come with us! Best purchase ever! Highly recommend Loyal Leash!

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Changing the way we walk our dogs one ''pause'' at a time.

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How To Use Loyal Leash Version 1

How To Use Loyal Leash Version 2